Our Team

Suneet Singh Tuli

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Suneet Singh Tuli co-founded Datawind Net Access along with his brother Raja Singh Tuli in 2000 and has since served as President and Chief Executive Officer. Suneet Singh Tuli has led the Company through a number of equity financings, the launch of various products and the build out of the management team in order to facilitate the Company's expansion. Suneet Singh Tuli is also the primary driver for building the Company's brand recognition for its unique technology. In September 2012, Forbes magazine named Suneet Singh Tuli among the "Impact 15" list of education innovators. He also received numerous other prestigious awards for his work as Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Prior to co-founding the Company, Suneet Singh Tuli founded a manufacturing company of large-format scanning and plotting equipment and portable imaging peripherals where he was principally responsible for sales, marketing, support and manufacturing operations, employing over 250 people in the United States, Canada, England, Germany and India. Suneet Singh Tuli holds a Bachelors degree in Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto (1990). Suneet Singh Tuli is 45 years old and works full time for the Company.

Raja Singh Tuli

Chief Technology Officer and Executive Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Raja Singh Tuli co-founded Datawind Net Access along with Suneet Singh Tuli in 2000 and has since served as Chief Technology Officer. Raja Singh Tuli conceptualized the Company's products and developed its core technologies. Since the Company's formation, Raja Singh Tuli managed the research and development activities of the Company, as well as the supply chain and manufacturing operations. Raja Singh Tuli is considered an expert in the imaging industries, with many patents granted to date and several additional patents pending in different parts of the world in imaging, portable products, solar technologies, printing and scanning machines. Raja Singh Tuli holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Alberta (1989).

Donald Alexander Gunn

Chief Operations Officer

Donald Alexander Gunn joined the DataWind UK in late 2012 as Chief Operations Officer with nearly 30 years of experience in the mobile and fixed telecomm marketplace. Gaining his Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland qualification in 1977, Mr. Gunn spent the next seven years in industry with major PLC’s. He set up Cellcom Ltd from the start of cellular in the UK in February 1985 and grew international operations into the United Kingdom, France and South Africa organically, by acquisition and partnership. Group revenues were over £550 million prior to sale. He also served as Chief Financial Officer for Dial-a-Phone, which grew to be the biggest direct marketing business in the United Kingdom for mobile handsets, with over £220 million in revenues. During that period the emphasis shifted from “press advertising” to e-marketing. Mr. Gunn has significant venture capital experience and is a highly experienced and articulate PLC executive with considerable operational knowledge of working in the demanding global marketplace. Mr. Gunn obtained his C.A. from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. Donald Alexander Gunn is 61 years old and works full time for the Company.

Dan Hilton

Chief Financial Officer & Corporate Secretary

Daniel Hilton joined DataWind UK in 2014 as Chief Financial Officer. For the past 5 years, Mr. Daniel Hilton was the Executive Director of the Conservative Party of Canada. He is a seasoned public company Chief Financial Officer, with significant experience in the technology sector and strong political relationships. He is the Co-Founder of several capital pool companies and past Chair of the Scout Canada Foundation. Mr. Hilton obtained his Chartered Accounting designation with Deloitte LLP in Canada, completed his Bachelor of Commerce with the University of Ottawa and completed his graduate studies at Queen’s University (MBA – Operations and Strategy) and Cornell University (MBA – Finance Concentration). Mr. Hilton currently serves as a Director and Audit Committee Chair of Leonovus Technology (TSXV), and TUC – The Utility Company. He is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his community service. Mr. Daniel Hilton is 47 years old and works full time for the Company.